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About Me

Anastasia Tilston

Art Photography & Jewellery Design

Art Photography and Jewellery Design by Anastasia Tilston is a black and white blend of curves, silky shadows, silver angles and at times unexpected splashes of bright colours.

Anastasia brings her vision to light by capturing the essence of beauty and tranquility of the surrounding world and objects around us. She believes that one can find artistry in anything and anyone if one is willing to look for it. Anastasia’s work reflects her own dreams, feelings and the Japanese wabi-sabi philosophy. She truly enjoys being able to seize the flow of life, world vibrations and people’s emotions with her camera – Anastasia’s desire to share those magical moments with others is the fundamental purpose of her art.


Silver jewellery design is another way of bringing Anastasia’s perception of elegance and style to others. She is currently working on different collaborative projects and a new collection, designed to offer the enchantment of new possibilities and freedom to be yourself to the public.

Anastasia finds inspiration in long city walks, rusty bars and fences, winter fogs, art exhibitions, quality conversations, music, literature and sea breeze. Anastasia also continues to develop her creativity by writing regular articles for Estate & Manor Magazine (which she co-founded) and meeting interesting people from all corners of the Earth, while never parting with her camera.

Services offered:

  • Available for hire in Cheshire to cover events and depict your special memories to treasure
  • Jewellery tuition in Chester city centre – become the sculptor of your own bespoke jewellery
  • Inspiration and Creativity Awakening short courses, designed to help you discover your talents and bring the creative powers into your life

Get in touch with Anastasia to find out more or if you wish to purchase her Art Photography limited edition prints and jewellery.

More of my work

Street Photography, Events, Art Photography, Macro, Jewellery and much more...

I’ve always been a very creative person who appreciated art in many forms and shapes. I’ve also always admired people who chose art as their profession and remained true to their choice no matter what. I myself was an English teacher for many years, used to run an international nanny agency and now I have an online luxury staffing magazine – all of those things were and are great, but art is something very special that I can’t imagine my life without. This website is my debut to over 10 years of photography and jewellery design, which I considered to be more of a hobby rather than anything serious. I still don’t have the courage to say that I am an artist – but it doesn’t really matter what I call myself, does it? I love doing what I do and I hope that you will like my work. Thank you for taking the time to pay a visit to my website!

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